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The Tahoma Field Knife is designed to provide anything the outdoor professional would need in a knife.


“My load out for my camera is sometimes 45 lbs, and that’s not including any food or equipment for my-self to keep me alive. Designing a knife that would keep my weight down to a minimum and comfortable for all day use was really the goal.”


My background in tinkering, and fundamental knowledge of physics, and human movement was the foundation and basis of development for the Tahoma Field Knife.

Every feature is integrated into the knife to work with each other, as well as be instinctual to the user so that it feels like an extension of the body. Watch the video for more details!


Whether you’re in the field collecting specimens, or in the field defending freedom, the Tahoma Field Knife is a reliable companion in an uncertain world.


SNAPS SHEATH OPTION uses Black Anodized BRASS hardware, not coated steel that will rust.

TOPS Tahoma Field Knife

$275.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
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