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          In todays world, it is common for a person to be able to use a computer, a smartphone, and program TiVo; But many of us haven't yet learned the skills and gained the knowledge which our ancestors  needed to not only survive, but thrive as a species. Modern conveniences have softened our hands and sometimes give us a false sense of security...but what happens when these things are taken away?

          "I want to show people the necessary skills and preparation to get them through anything. An hour of practice can mean 5 hours of hard lesson  out in the field, and small items in your kit can save your life. Being a cinematographer for a living gives me a great channel to illustrate these things to folks at home."-Andy Tran

          Andy has long been fascinated by the outdoors, survival, firearms, and

cinematography; and over the years has developed a unique set of skills for the Inner Bark project. 

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